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About Al-Nasr Trust

Since it was founded in 1992 Al-Nasr’s core principals have been its neutrality and it’s interaction with the rest of Society without sacrificing its cultural identity. We have always worked at grass roots level and remain fiercely independent and non- affiliated to any national or international organisation.

However we welcome partnerships from statutory and non statutory organisations to resolve problems and over the years have worked closely with:

Slough Borough Council
(Social Services & Cemeteries)
Slough Police,
Berkshire Probation Service, Community Hours
Department of Work and Pensions,

Interfaith Groups and Local Community bodies including

Slough Council Voluntary Service (to ensure our strategies are on course) and has achieved positive results in the numerous areas such as speedy burials, young offenders, domestic violence and employment support.

Al-Nasr also believes it is the responsibility of community members to dispel the misconceptions and incorrect views the rest of society (with the help of the media and ourselves) may have come to believe and this has been it’s core objective from the beginning.

Al-Nasr also understands the broad and complex cultures people carry and has always displayed this with a wide range of books in its library and to emphasis diversity does not necessarily have to mean disunity.

Al-Nasr is attempting to offer solutions to everyday problems and on many occasions it is successful, however we need to be more pro-active and create a venue which has a cultural and educational atmosphere where we can learn about each other without the “wild stories” we create and believe about our cultures.

To redress this state of affairs, preliminary work has been done to identify the most pressing needs of the community and as a result it is proposed to initiate several innovative community development programmes under the umbrella of Al-Nasr Trust.

These projects will run and be directed people who are experienced and competent in their field of work and are able to contribute to the culture and social development of the area. It is not the intention to create rival services and duplicate what is already happening in the area but to support and contribute to such services as needed.