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Slough Youth Club

Slough Youth Club

We identified the need a long time ago but did not have sufficient resources to start the project anyway rather than delay any longer we opened the project on 16 July 2012 regardless and our long term beliefs about the vital need have been confirmed. We have 145 youth signed up and the daily sessions between 4pm-8pm have an average attendance of 25 per session. The impact is that these youth are spending these hours playing table tennis, air hockey, pool, video games, table football instead of hanging around the streets and being vulnerable to criminals and drug dealers. On this project we need volunteers, equipment and donations to maintain the Club so please contact us if you are able to help.


We are a small independent and organisation not affiliated to any international or national body so raising funds to run our services is often difficult and we welcome any donation from individuals, you may do this by telephoning us on 01753 550788 or contacts us by e-mail or alternatively you can donate online through LocalGiving website using this link below

Employment Support Unit

Support for young unemployed people with mentoring to increase confidence, adjust attitude and increase motivation. CV building, advice and support with job applications, work experience placements.

Domestic Violence & Forced Marriage Service

Support for women/men who need immediate help, workshops, leaflets and advice. See our web/blog site

Social Services

Al-Nasr has interacted with Social Services over the years on issues of adoption, fostering of children, children in care, domestic violence and the tenets regarding these issues. Although adoption itself is not allowed in many Asian cultures, long term fostering is allowed. This ensures a child is not torn away from his/her identity/roots which can often result in emotional or identity problems later in life.

Family / Financial Advice

Al-Nasr has mentored and advised many families on issues that have affected them whether it is problems with teenage children, financial problems, family rifts, housing or employment problems our policy has and always will be to respond to those who seek our help in way that educates them as to how the problem arose in the first place so it can be avoided in future.

Drug Abuse

Al-Nasr has mentored many young people in order for them to free themselves of addiction or use of drugs and become productive members of Society. People who are addicted to substances do not respond to being preached to, they need guidance and most of all support because addiction is more often than not the symptom or result of some underlying personality problem.

Community Hours

Al-Nasr receives regular placements from Berkshire Probation Service with the policy of providing training to encourage them not to re-offend.

Library & Leaflet Service

Our small library and leaflet service is there for all to quietly read and learn regardless of religion, race or culture and all are welcome to use it.