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Al-Nasr Policy Statements 2012 – 2013

Al-Nasr is not required by law to have a Health and Safety Policy because we do not fall within the statutory criteria however in the interest of the health and well being of our users and volunteers we feel it is appropriate to have a Health and Safety Policy in place which to the best of our means meets the spirit at least of the Health and Safety At Work Act.

Al-Nasr endeavours to provide a safe and healthy environment for its users and volunteers by the following procedures:

Both trustees and volunteers are responsible on a daily basis of identifying and reporting any issue that may affect health and safety of the volunteers and users of Al-Nasr.

Risk Assessments will be carried out twice annually to identify potential risks and to eliminate or reduce them.

Appropriate Fire Procedures will be in place and displayed for the volunteers and users of Al-Nasr. 2 Fire Officers will be designated to deal with evacuation in the event of an emergency.
An accident report book will be maintained and kept in the library area and all accidents must be reported no matter how trivial.

Signs relating to hygiene practises will be displayed in appropriate areas.

Any volunteer or trustee who suspects they may be suffering from any pandemic illness should report their condition to a trustee and leave the premises immediately.

A first aid kit must always be available in the library area for minor injuries only and in the event of a serious injury the person should be taken to the nearest hospital with emergency facilities.

Security arrangements must be adhered to at all times and entrances to Al-Nasr must be not be able to be accessed freely from the outside and if unlocked must be manned by a trustee or volunteer.
1) To carry out a 2 risk assessments annually

2) To ensure Al-Nasr premises are safe for use to the volunteers and public

    2a) That proper security procedures are in place for the premises to protect the volunteers and public
    2b) To ensure adequate insurance cover is in place for:
   public liability
   building and content

3) Electrical circuit is tested annually by a qualified technician

4) Electrical appliances are regularly checked to confirm they are in a safe condition to use.

5) That cleanliness in toilets and kitchens are of a high standard

6) Ensure all fire regulations are adhered to with appropriate equipment and notices

7) Regularly review risk assessment policy and update it accordingly

8) Criminal Record Bureau checks will be carried out on Volunteers and Trustees
No child under the age of 16 is allowed on the premises unless accompanied by a parent/guardian, older sibling or other responsible family members.

No child under the age of 16 is allowed to participate in activities unless accompanied by a parent/guardian, older sibling or other responsible family member

Children under 14 are not allowed to use computers or other electrical equipment belonging to the Trust without the supervision of an adult.

Children suffering from illness such as diabetes, asthma etc will only be allowed to participate in activities if the accompanying adult is carrying the relevant medicines in the event of an attack of the illness.

No volunteers are allowed to participate in activities involving children without the appropriate Criminal Record Bureau check.

Adults observed on the premises or activity involving children without authorisation or being unable to identify him/herself should be asked to leave immediately and if they refuse the police should be notified without delay.

In the event of bullying, racist remarks, remarks about a child’s physical appearance or condition by another child, the parent/guardian of the child should be asked to remove the child immediately.

If a child is seen leaving the premises alone he/she should be stopped until it is verified the parent/guardian has given permission for the child to do so.

If any volunteer or trustee is seen to be engaging in any physical contact with a child other than that which could be considered normal the matter should be reported to another trustee or volunteer immediately.

On the occasions when children are involved in activities at the Trust and it is necessary for the door to be unlocked then a volunteer should be in attendance at the door throughout the activity.

All children who visit Al-Nasr will be treated equally regardless of religion, race, sex or disability.

In the event of an activity for children involving food, any relevant poster/ leaflet/letter/invitation for the event should advise the parents /guardian that food will be served in case any child suffers from an allergy or is diabetic.

Any incident involving a child during any activity requires an Incident Report Form to filled in, even in the case of a parent physically abusing the child. If a volunteer has concerns a child is being abused in his/her home environment it should be brought to the attention of the Trustees who will take steps to inform the authority

If you are in any doubt a copy of the NSPCC CHILD PROTECTION POLICY AND PROCEDURES can be obtained from the trustees.

This document is the formal policy of Al-Nasr and trustees, employees and volunteers Al-Nasr must adhere to it at all times.
Al-Nasr is committed to equal status for all regardless of religion, sex, age, race or disabilities. Therefore our services and facilities are available to everyone.

We believe respect for other human beings is the key to to understanding between people of different beliefs, race and nationality.

It is human nature to fear what we do not understand and Al-Nasr is committed to try and bring understanding by removing the fear with open policies and enlightened thought. This is not an overnight miracle it takes time patience and determination to change negative thought into positive thought.

We strive to ensure our trustees and volunteers have a similar vision of equality for all mankind which in turn will influence the minds and hearts of the users of Al-Nasr.

We do not just have a vision of equality we endeavour to practice it so that our users and volunteers feel equal and valued that’s our volunteers receive the appropriate guidance and training to fulfil the policy of Al-Nasr.
Volunteers: Will be treated equally and with respect regardless of sex, age religion or race.

Will receive equal training opportunities.

Will not be asked to work unreasonable hours and are free to come and go as they please in a spirit of mutual co-operation(but appreciated if they could advise the trustees when they are not available to help).

Will have a safe and healthy environment to work in with appropriate insurance cover

Will be reimbursed for any expenses they incur in helping Al-Nasr (excluded is the expense of travel to the place of duties unless the trustees consider it to be appropriate)

Will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the work they are involved in and not reflect adversely on Al-Nasr itself.