Belief in Action


Al-Nasr – the charity, a locally based established service provider with considerable experience in dealing with problems within the community and in particular as a mediator role between the Muslim community and the various public bodies and government agencies.

Al-Nasr believes that Islam is a practical religion and that life needs practical solutions and this policy is inherent in its work within the community.

As an organisation we strive to support the community with practical help regardless of how large or small the problem is. Since our beginning in 1992 our policy has been to build up a network of information and contacts to assist Muslims / non-Muslims in dealing with problems so if we do not have the expertise, we are able to quickly refer the person to someone who can help.

Muslim communities in the United Kingdom face many problems and only by being a strong unified community can we deal with them effectively. This means we have to integrate and participate with the rest of the population without succumbing to that part of the culture which as Muslims is not allowed for us, being strong, unified and intellectually based will make us strong and allow us to take an equal role alongside the rest of the population.

Al-Nasr has a policy to achieve that goal, which does not compromise Islam or make us subservient in anyway, it’s a simple message of “lets help each other in order to help ourselves” to become a valued part of the British population instead of being a part they fear and mistrust.

Al-Nasr believes it is essential that the Muslim community, particularly the youth become involved in art, sport, community projects and other activities as a community and with the rest of the population.

Islam is a broad tapestry of people with different cultures and nationalities with their own traditions and ways which is its strength not its weakness. These diverse cultures can be used to present Islam in different and positive ways to the rest of the population in the United Kingdom to display that Muslims are capable of accepting the differences in humanity and we do not want to exist in isolation from others.