From its humble beginning in 1992, Al-Nasr – the charity, has been at the forefront of community involvement, contributing to the culture and social development of the area in many different ways, together with, providing assistance and advice, to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, including various public bodies such as; the police authority; social services, on issues of funerals, marriage, drug abuse, rights of Muslim women, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, Muslim children in care and the issues of militancy and extremism.

We have also been involved in providing community hours for offenders (it should be noted our services have complimented and supported the usual agencies rather than replacing them) provided reports on needs of Muslim pupils, reports for NHS, drug and alcohol counselling for young people, counselling for domestic family problems, advice on fostering of Muslim children rather than the adoption. Mother and Toddler Group. Also, in conjunction with Langley College, beginner’s computers classes, English classes for Asian Women with lady tutor on Al-Nasr premises and Al -Nasr ladies only swimming sessions (at local pools) with a lady life guard – provided by Langley College

Al-Nasr, as an organisation, is a keen promoter of peaceful dialogue and a voice for true moderate Islamic principles. We have never believed violence or extremism is an answer for any problem the Muslims face and has always encouraged intellectual dialogue.

Al Nasr has also provided a library and leaflet service which has been used extensively over the years by Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam is a broad church and Al-Nasr has never involved itself in preaching to others about which Islamic jurisprudence they should follow…the extensive library facility is there for individuals to use and then decide for themselves.

In addition, the centre has been a neutral resource to other Muslim groups and individuals to use and over the years has encouraged and motivated these groups and individuals to begin activities at the centre and has assisted with their set up until they were independent in terms of space and finance.

Al Nasr has been able to do this with the gracious help of Slough Borough Council who have provided us with accommodation for more than 20 years.