Al-Nasr – the Charity


Al-Nasr – the Charity


Since it was founded in 1992 Al-Nasr’s core principles have been its neutrality and its interaction with the rest of society without sacrificing its cultural identity. Al-Nasr methodology is based on the premise that solutions to problems that face communities are easier to solve in an atmosphere of cultural, religious and educational understanding”.

Communities interacting with one another without sacrificing their identities can achieve much more with collaboration and mutual respect rather than working in isolation.


Al-Nasr not only responds to critical individual cases it looks in depth into how these problems become prominent in a community and strives to provide long term strategies to educate the community in avoiding these problems in the future.

Al-Nasr also understands the broad and complex cultures people belong to and has always promoted this with a wide range of books in its library to emphasise that diversity does not necessarily have to mean disunity.

Al-Nasrthinks out of the box” when it looks at solutions to issues in the community but it does not take a distant overview when looking at problems, it always strives to work closely with clients and the rest of the community to try and bring about lasting solutions rather than a quick fix. Ultimately that needs the interaction and cooperation of everybody involved to ensure a comprehensive understanding of how the problem originates at the root because unless this is actioned, it is unlikely a permanent solution will be found.

Al-Nasr is dedicated to offering solutions to everyday problems and for the vast majority, it is successful, however we need to be more pro-active and foster an environment which has a cultural and educational growth mindset where we can learn about each other without the prejudiced stereotypical wild stories that have been created about our cultures influencing our thinking.

We do not believe in unrealistic slogans or unachievable objectives which do not have a lasting impact on the communities around us and who we serve. In short, if it does not practically benefit the community, we do not indulge in it.

To address this state of affairs, comprehensive preliminary work has been conducted to identify the most pressing needs of the community and as a result it is proposed to initiate several innovative community development programmes under the umbrella of Al-Nasr Trust. These projects will run and be directed by approachable and knowledgeable professionals who are experienced and competent in their field of work and are able to contribute to the culture and social development of the area. It is not the intention to create rival services and duplicate what is already happening in the area but to completed, support and contribute to existing valuable services as needed.

We have always worked at grass roots level and remain fiercely independent and non- affiliated to any national or international organisation. However, we welcome partnerships from statutory and non- statutory organisations to resolve problems. Over the years have worked closely with Slough Borough Council, Thames Valley Police, Slough Probation Office, Department of Work and Pensions, Berkshire Community Foundation, Mars in the Community and Community Payback.