JC8 Participate


Simply put, you become part of a small community where everyone faces the same challenge of being unemployed. Job Club 8 provides you with the opportunity to share ideas and overcome the barriers that are preventing you securing a job.

It will not produce a ‘miracle’ but it will help you gain the relevant skills and knowledge for when that all important opportunity arises. Being thoroughly prepared cannot be underestimated, as a life changing opportunity can present itself at any time.

Being part of our team encourages personal growth, creates unity and creativity, reduces stress, encourages motivation, provides a platform to work collectively as well as an opportunity to share and celebrate your successes.

At Job Club 8, we strongly believe that working together is better than working alone.


Everyone is treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, culture or gender.

Everyone is expected to treat each other with respect, as we are all facing the same struggle and challenge of being unemployed.

There is zero tolerance for hate speech, derogatory language and offensive communication that will cause unnecessary and unacceptable emotional harm.

Smoking, the use of drugs and the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Everyone is encouraged to smile, laugh, joke, share your views and speak your mind.

Everyone is welcome to have tea, coffee and squash free of charge. You are permitted to bring your own snacks but we are all expected to clean up after ourselves.


The Job Club works in two ways:.

 Weekly formal group sessions – mobile phones should not be accessed during the sessions


 Individual sessions – members may attend Mondays to Thursdays 10am-3pm to seek advice, to volunteer as part of work experience, use the computers, printers, internet and/or telephone. We will support and guide you to complete administrative tasks and also teach you word processing skills; ensuring you achieve the goal of being able to do these independently.


 Work experience/training placements. We will endeavour to arrange work experience to meet your preference but this may not always be possible. Nevertheless, we strongly urge you to commit to every placement that is organised as each one will provide invaluable learning opportunities. Through these, you will acquire a variety of knowledge and skills that will greatly benefit you and improve your chances of finding successful employment


REMEMBER: Within the organisation, there is approximately 100 years of combined experience on all matters related to business management, including managing finances, reporting to stakeholders, personnel matters and storing and using personal information to name a few..

We offer a person-centred development plan focusing on improving professional skills, personal traits, communication skills and technical proficiencies..

We are dedicated to always sharing our expertise and offer impartial, practical and professional dialogue to all our clients. Our intention is providing non judgmental constructive advice that will motivate and inspire our clients; encouraging them to take every chance, every day, and in turn achieve personal and professional growth. Even with our years of experience, we are all committed to continue learning and making the most of every chance, every day..

We are fully aware that it can be daunting for clients to engage with other participants who have greater experience or who have completed secondary or further education.

It can be extremely challenging yet beneficial and enlightening to recognise and overcome barriers that have hindered progress in a particular area. Embellishing achievements and skillsets are of no benefit (whatsoever) as employers are skilled at identifying and unmasking such tactics resulting in an applicant being exposed as completely out of their depth.

Employers would much rather interview and employ applicants who are completely honest and keen to develop personally and professionally.

Applicants attaining to proactively advance their knowledge, understanding and skills; who display the traits of ambition, confidence, determination and resilience are more likely to achieve greater success in their personal and professional development.

We, at Job Club 8 alongside prospective employers appreciate and welcome applicants who display candour and sincerity, these attributes make a good impression on those recruiting and will single you out over other applicants.

There is no limit in terms of what you can achieve; perseverance and commitment will increase the possibilities of you successfully obtaining qualifications and building experience in your chosen field. These can be achieved through a variety of avenues and at Job Club 8 we have a wealth of experience to support you to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.

Our ethos is underpinned by being receptive to professional communication, promoting honesty, open-mindedness, reflectiveness and trust. These essential attributes ensure that all of our clients feel they are valued and are an integral member of our community.

Everyone, no matter their position has something to contribute that will be beneficial to everyone around them.