JC8 What we do


We engage with you in making personal and professional changes in order to receive greater opportunities and to help you become better equipped to compete in the employment market in its present climate.

Three Stages

Week 1 & 2

Collectively as a group and individually, we will look at the following areas:

· Conducting an objective appraisal of ourselves focusing on meeting personal and professional outcomes.
· Addressing and overcoming a negative mindset that prevents successful outcomes.
· Gaining confidence and overcoming personal barriers.
· Identifying and setting realistic and timely targets within an ‘employment and work experience personalised action plan’ that includes searching for jobs.

The content will include workshops, mentoring, idea sharing, selfappraisal, role playing and group discussion.

Week 3 to 8


Please bear in mind we may not be able to find you somewhere that you consider ideal but keep an open mind and take the view that any future prospective employer may consider you have shown initiative in trying to gain experience in a wide and varied field.

If we are unable to find you a suitable placement, we will provide you with a person related training at Job Club 8.

During your time at your placement company, you should learn as much as you can and record weekly, what you have learned during the experience as well as tasks you have completed and challenges you have overcome.

View people in your work placement as potential employers because if at any time they are recruiting in the future; someone they know and who has created a good impression may be given preference.

The work placement you are with will be ask to appraise you near the end of your time with them. The number of hours you train per week should be agreed between you and the work placement and they must be recorded.

Please call in at weekly intervals and inform us, how you are getting on including any concerns you may have.

Final weeks 9 to 10

During this period, we will be honing our skills and reflecting on our accomplishments over the past eight weeks. We will focus on:

CV and resume building.
Researching companies that are actively recruiting.
Applying for jobs.
Preparing for interviews
Participating in mock interviews

The stages outlined above are defined however the content and delivery for each stage has a degree of flexibility. The content will be determined by identified needs and consideration given through prioritisation by the group.


Hopefully you will have secured a position of employment, if not then:

You will continue to receive our specialised support, advice and guidance in gaining meaningful employment.
You are welcome to continue to seek employment using all our available services at no charge.
You are encouraged to remain involved in Job Club 8 for your own benefit and to share your applicable experiences with others.