Since the early nineties, Al-Nasr, has been at the heart of the community in Slough, interacting with the town’s diverse cultures, religions and its authorities without compromising our Islamic tenets.

We Do Not Preach – We Interact & Share.

Muslims in the UK came to live here by choice and living in a secular system means we face the same problems as the rest of society as those issues will affect our families and communities and no matter how much we try to isolate ourselves, it is almost impossible to avoid.

Below are some of the issues we have dealt with over the years and of course we continue to address existing problems which are always evolving so we need to adapt to enable us to tackle both the evolved existing issues and challenge new issues that arise in the future.

Domestic Violence Against Women and Men; Marriage Counselling; Women’s Empowerment; Drug & Alcohol Addiction; Youth Offending; Youth & Parental Counselling; Youth Engagement; Employment Counselling; Business Start Up Advice for the Unemployed; Community Cohesion..

Al-Nasr has learned that solutions are best achieved when working in partnership with authorities and other religions/cultures providing we are not in conflict with Islamic tenets. Our current priorities which include many of those issues mentioned above are:

Mental health issues affecting young men and youth including those caused by domestic violence, bullying or depression often resulting in suicide which is spiralling.

We plan to open a confidential “hotline” for young men and youth that can offer them reassurance that they are not alone and can alleviate their situation with the right understanding of their circumstances and culture.

Child abuse is a growing problem in society with some horrendous cases, recently the most notable one being that of little Jacob Couch – no child should have to suffer such cruelty from anyone..

We intend to raise awareness of the public particularly in ethnic communities of what signs to look for and if you have concerns about a child what steps to take. None of the issues above are isolated or solely applicable to a particular religion or culture but are widespread across society and we as Muslims have to address them along with the rest of society..

Young people with complex needs is a growing problem in society, with our youngsters becoming more and more disillusioned about their future and as a result turning to drugs and alcohol which may lead them onto criminal activity to pay for the substances..

We believe it does not have to be this way and with the right support and activities (that they can relate to and that interests them) much of their antisocial behaviour can be avoided..

We invite you to join us as volunteer – or at least interact with us on these issues.