• Al-Nasr – the Charity

    Al-Nasr – the Charity

    Since the early nineties, Al-Nasr, has been at the heart of the Slough community, interacting with the town’s diverse cultures, religions and its authorities. Since it was founded, Al-Nasr’s core principles have been its neutrality and its interaction with the rest of society without sacrificing its cultural identity. “Al-Nasr methodology is based on the premise…

  • Mental Wellbeing

    Mental Wellbeing

    Mental instability is possibly the main underlining condition, if not the main root cause behind many of the community issues – be it from family/marital tensions, financial stress, substance/alcohol abuse, sadly an increasing number are resulting in suicide – particularly in young people. Some root causes such as loneliness or alcohol and substance abuse are…

  • DV – Boxed in

    DV – Boxed in

    This website is dedicated to helping Ethnic (and Caucasian) women free themselves from violent and abusive relationships and raise awareness of the devastation that women suffer who find themselves in such situations. It is not a “private” matter as many consider, it is a breach of human rights and no person, man, woman or child…

  • Substance Dependent

    Substance Dependent

    Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Adults is reaching epidemic proportions and it can happen to anyone because all it takes is one point in time when a person cannot cope with what confronts them in the present or historically and the lure of blotting it out with drugs or alcohol becomes an answer for them.

  • Youth Behaviour

    Youth Behaviour

    Adolescence is a pivotal phase in human development, marked by significant physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. However, for some youth, this period can be fraught with challenges stemming from behavioural disorders. These disorders encompass a wide spectrum of conditions that affect how young individuals think, feel, and behave.

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

    Beyond physical health, nurturing mental and emotional well-being is paramount. A positive mindset, stress management, and fostering social connections contribute to a flourishing psyche. Cultivating a positive mindset involves practicing gratitude, self-compassion, and mindfulness.